the Club & its History

The  Club and the LCC Group was founded in 2007 by Harry Cannned.

The LCC to date has almost 900 members (May 2014)

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Special thanks  to  our noble supporters;

nobel LCC coolz   nobel LCC Orb   nobel LCC BB

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Owners: Lore Lamont, Harry Cannned
Art Director: Pjotterman Belgar
Club Manager: Cerenaika Cimino
Light Artist: Alyx Heron , Cerenaika
Dances: Anke Zamani
Barmaids: Fly Looseer
Hosting: Everybody:)
Blog Manager: Niko
Blog Editor: Morganeowyn
DJs: Pjotterman Belgar, Plokin Galaxy, Eaton Aechter, Albert Zwestein, Anke Zamani,Fly Looseer

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>>> 2007 Strawberry

>>> 2008 Peachez

>>> 2009 Hallelujah Blue

>>> 2010 Beau Belle


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