Traveling around SL, I look for sims that are friendly, have good music, and is more than a pick up joint. They are rare. However, the Leonard Cohen Club fits the bill.

There is a small core of chatty, intelligent and friendly regulars. You might have thought a place like this might be clicky, but no, its open and welcoming to all. I’ve met people from all over the world and the common thread is a very good knowledge and appreciation of music. You will hear many languages spoken hear.

The DJ’s know there stuff too. Yes, of course we hear lots of Leonard Cohen’s fabulous songs and poetry, but thats just the start… The diversity of music played is good. You will hear familiar tunes, and there will also b excellent offers from all around the world; songs that will refresh your interest!


green line

…and  the entries from the Guestbook in the Club:

[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 1: (2012-05-20 20:20) Reneng Jiersen: ‘love to be back to the LCC’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 2: (2012-05-21 21:32) GypsyFlair Resident: ‘such a lovely place to meet wonderful people and make honest friends …love this place indeed’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 3: (2012-05-26 16:52) MlleNikoletta Resident: ‘Guestbook?! Yayyyyy, love this place and its people and its music! xoxo’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 4: (2012-05-30 00:56) Sandra Solano: ‘a thousand kisses for Harry and his Leonard Cohen CLub:)))))))

[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 5: (2012-06-22 19:04) Plokin Galaxy: ‘Love this place, the best in s/l, and all the friends here…i feel at home :)’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 6: (2012-06-23 20:11) Hannington Xeltentat: ‘Friendliest place I know. Thanks for the company!’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 7: (2012-07-05 19:19) orb Thursday: ‘without cohen…without life would be less sweet thank you LCC ♥’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 8: (2012-07-07 09:26) MariiLen Resident: ‘Love this place!. carinos! Sparkle. ‘
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 9: (2012-08-08 00:35) alice67812 Resident: ‘everyone is so nice thx for a great club!!!!’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 10: (2012-08-09 16:16) Tifa Tripp: ‘Love your place, love the soothing songs <3’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 11: (2012-08-16 16:37) AidenEvanheart Resident: ‘Best club ever…”I choose the rooms that I live in with care”…’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 12: (2012-08-16 17:28) morganeowyn Resident: ‘My beloved LCC… the light that got in. Love and hugs to my wonderful friends here. xo’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 13: (2012-09-09 04:26) Vivianna2012 Resident: ‘You are the best Leonard Cohen!!!! God Bless You Always!!! Muacks

[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 14: (2012-09-09 04:27) Kittie Lekach: ‘Love your music…. awesome…! ‘
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 15: (2012-10-20 19:13) ROMILDA Jupiter: ‘ Your club Harry is the place in sl where I feel like home and where I m sure that i ll find real and kind people and friends.kisses

[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 16: (2013-01-14 14:30) Areadne Aeon: ‘Love u all :)’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 17: (2013-06-09 18:38) Areadne Aeon: ‘Happy B-day Harry we love u ‘
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 18: (2013-06-10 21:39) Zimmy Ginsberg: ‘One of the best places around, very friendly, good, often a little eccentric music, plus LC. Keep your hat on Harry!’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 19: (2013-08-28 19:32) MlleNikoletta Resident: ‘Sill here and loving it. Still looking for the hidden choco safe of the club, xoxo’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 20: (2013-10-24 21:18) DuchessOfDevonshire Resident: ‘I love this club because people are so so friendly and the music and lights are just awesome. Thank you for bring this to sl xx’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 21: (2013-11-14 01:54) 279N869E Resident: ‘Best club, best musci,
best people in SL’
[09:51] LCC Guestbook: 22: (2013-11-22 13:45) ZenWarrior Fuosing: ‘You’re all losers! (Well, beautiful losers.)’

[08:50] LCC Guestbook: 23: (2014-03-31 19:15) Seschmet Resident: ‘Best club i know and I enjoy it much to stay with you’
[08:50] LCC Guestbook: 24: (2014-04-09 02:33) Fugi Osmus: ‘Its just SPECIAL here 🙂
Especially when im around :P’
[08:50] LCC Guestbook: 25: (2014-05-29 21:55) Sword Starfall: ‘Looking for Jane…’


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