8th anniversary of LCC

On the 8th of May LCC became 8 years old! We celebrated with a huge party where Anke moved our pixel body to the tunes of all of the LCC djs. Ceren and Alyx made the lights and the Golden Girls were there too! Please find below some of the pictures about the party:

LCC 8 above stage

Golden Girls in action!

LCC 8 Adel


LCC 8 Albert

Albert, one of our djs

LCC 8 Anke

Anke, our dance queen

LCC 8 Anouk


LCC 8 Arizona


LCC 8 Barnaby


LCC 8 birdeyeview

LCC 8 birthday sign

LCC 8 Callum and Lady

Callum and Lady

LCC 8 Ceren

Ceren, one of our light artists and club manager / dj

LCC 8 Crystalina


LCC 8 Doctor


LCC 8 Dora


LCC 8 Emily


LCC 8 Eugene

Eugene, one of our djs

LCC 8 Fly

Fly, Golden Girl, barmaid and dj

LCC 8 Freya


LCC 8 gen with vase

LCC 8 golden girls

Golden Girls – from left to right Anke, Fly and Ceren

LCC 8 Harry and Polmac

Harry (our club owner) with Polmac in the background

LCC 8 Harry and the gg

Harry and the girls

LCC 8 Mike


LCC 8 Niko


LCC 8 Ornella with the guys

Ornella with the boys

LCC 8 Papa


LCC 8 Pj

Pj, one of our club dj and art director

LCC 8 Ren


LCC 8 sign

LCC 8 SkyandPlokin

Sky and Plokin, one of our djs

LCC 8 Soiraja


LCC 8 stage

LCC 8 Sword


LCC 8 through sign

LCC 8 triplets 01

Long lost triplet brothers of Harry showed up! Harriet and Carry (aka Tia and Eaton)

LCC 8 triplets 02

The dancing duo of Harrys

LCC 8 triplets 03

Harrys on the dancefloor! – You cannot get enough of them!

LCC 8 Valdez


LCC 8 Zen


LCC 8 Ziga and Emarald

Ziga and Emarald



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