St Patrick’s Day 2015

On the 17th of March we put on our best green dresses and opened up a few (dozens) guiness beers. Dj Pj played the irish tunes for Anke’s irish jig in a totally authentic irish version of the LCC – thanks for Harry’s decoration genius. Please find below a picture what Harry made and some of the snapshots made during the party.

green line

green line

Harry’s sneaky shot about a suspicious choco monster getting familiar with the guiness beer.

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (236, 17, 21) - M

green line

And the rest of the photos made by Niko:

NC SP15 Amirixx&Brando

Amarixx and Brando

NC SP15 Anke closeup

Anke, our dance queen

NC SP15 Anke&Harry

Anke and Harry (our dear club owner)

NC SP15 Ari


NC SP15 background

NC SP15 Barnaby


NC SP15 bridseye

NC SP15 Butterfly&Paul

Butterfly and Paul

NC SP15 Ceren

Ceren, looking at the bottom of her glass

NC SP15 crowd

NC SP15 dancefloor

NC SP15 Dora


NC SP15 Dove

NC SP15 Dr


NC SP15 Fly

Fly, our lovely barmaid

NC SP15 LAdybug&Callum

Ladybug and Callum

NC SP15 Lilly&Alejandro

Lilly and Alejandro

NC SP15 Mark


NC SP15 Mirela&Maxl

Mirela and Maxl

NC SP15 Niko

Niko, hynotised by the guiness barrel

NC SP15 Ninia


NC SP15 Ornela



Dj Pj

NC SP15 random irish couple

NC SP15 Star&Sun

Star and Sun

NC SP15 Tulipe&Dod

Tulipe and Dod

NC SP15 Ziga&Emarald

Zigadena and Emarald

green line