Copacabana Party

On the 16th of February we had a brazilian carnival event. Ceren got the idea for the party, Dj Pj played the music, Anke provided the dances and Harry decorated the club into Copacabana.

green line

green line

Pleasefind below some of the pictures about the evening. The first one is from Anke, the rest was made by Niko.

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (241, 43, 22) - M

Photo by Anke about the golden girls

NC Br Anna and Jon

Anna and Jon

NC Br arrows

the arrow shows the way

NC BR background

NC BR backstage

and the party was on!

NC BR drink

NC BR from savingthing

NC BR from the sea

NC BR golden girls

the golden girls

NC BR Harry

Harry guards the dancers

NC BR Klara and jonathan

Klara and Jonathan


Dj Pj playing his tunes

NC BR pretty

NC BR resting

a peaceful moment

NC BR samen

Niko and Dj Pj

NC BR Soraja


NC BR Sword


NC BR Valdez and Satu

Satu and Valdez

NC BR valdez


NC BR Ziga and Emarald

Ziga and Emarald

green line


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