Christmas Party (2014)

Dj Pj did it again! With Anke’s dances, in the beautiful winter wonderland LCC became the perfect holiday dream for us. Ceren throw out some magical lights while Harry made sure his boots were made for not just walking. And from white fur.

Please find below some of the pictures about the party at the 21th December of 2014.

NC Xm above

LJ Ceren at work

Nc Xm angels and harry

Harry’s angels

NC Xm Anke

Anke, our dance manager

NC Xm Arizona


NC Xm circle


NC Xm Crystalina


NC Xm dancy

snowy wonderland

NC Xm Dj Pj

Dj Pj’s dance moves

NC Xm Doc


NC Xm fireworls

merry-happy evening

NC Xm floor

and syncronised!

NC Xm from snowball

from a snowball-point-of-view

NC xm gen

under the tree

NC Xm Harry and Eaton

Santa Harry and his helper, Eaton Elf

NC Xm iceheart

the ice-heart of LCC

NC Xm lights

everybody to the left!

NC Xm Mike

…and Mike to the right!

NC Xm Mirako


NC Xm Niko


NC Xm nutcracker

Nutcracker guards the club

NC Xm pretty

from above we are still fantastic

NC Xm snowman

the ever vigilant snow man

NC Xm Tia

Tia, as pretty as a button with Ceren’s particles

NC Xm together

…just like a dream, thank you all for the wonderful evening!



Tango Party

On the 28th of November (2014) Dj Plokin played the hottest tango tunes for us. We all put on our tango shoes and Anke showed us how you dance a real tango.

Please find below a couple of pictures about the event.

(My excuses for the late posting.)

NC Ta Arizona


NC Ta Blaze


NC Ta Eaton


NC Ta Emily


NC Ta gen

Let’s tango!

NC Ta gg on stage

on the stage!

NC Ta Louise


NC Ta Niko


NC Ta Dally


NC Ta pj&harry

Harry and Pj

NC Ta Plokin&Sky

Sky and Dj Plokin

NC Ta Ren


NC Ta Tia


NC Ta turkey

Oster and the girls with the turkeys

NC Ta wall

NC Ta Wendy


NC Ta Ziga&Em

Emarald and Ziga

NC Ta goldengirls

the golden girls (Ceren, Fly and Anke)

NC Ta back