Rezzday party for Harry and Pj

On the 11th of November, we celebrated the rezzday of Harry, our dear club owner and Pj, one of our great dj. The Golden Girls (Anke, Fly and Ceren) prepaired some suprise for them. Ceren played fantastic tunes for Anke’s dances and the whole club was decorated beautifully for the party. Ceren also made particles to honor our rezzday boys.

A huge thank you again for Ceren for organising this wonderful party.

While in no way pretending to be exhaustive, we made some pictures about the party. Enjoy!

NC Rez above 02

nc rez above

NC Rez Ceren

The Golden Girls (from lef to right: Fly, Anke and Ceren)

NC Rez cup

NC Rez everybodyonthetable

NC Rez gen

NC Rez gen02

(from left to right:) Valdez, Mike, a suspicious unknown chocomonster
in the background and Arizona

NC Rez Golden girls 01

NC Rez happ

NC Rez Harry&Pj 01

The synchron was perfect between the two rezzday boy

NC Rez Harry&Pj 02

Harry supervising the dancing crowd with Pj

nc rez harry


Nc Rez Nik

a chocomonster point of view

nc Rez Plokin

Polmac dropped by too

PJ and  Harry  coco


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