Monstrorum LCC – Halloween in 2014

All Hallows’ Eve was again upon us. Every ghost and monster gathered at LCC for the bone chilling music of Dj Pj. Anke made our limbs shake to the unholy music. Ceren filled the skies with her blood freezing magical lights. We entertained our desintegrated brains and eyeballs in a perfectly terrible decoration done by Ceren and Anke. The party lasted more than 6 mind-killing hours.

Thank you all for your monstrous costums and companionship, we all had a catastrophic night!

green line

green line

We got some of the deliquents on photo, please take a look at our “Monstrorum LCC”:

NC Ha Adele


NC Ha Anke

Anke, our dance manager

NC Ha Anouk and Sword

Anouk and Sword

NC Ha Arizona 01

Arizona in the first half of the party….

NC Ha Arizona 02

…annnnddd in the second!

NC Ha Bar

Our new barman

Nc Ha behind

a random spooky moment

NC Ha Blaze 01

Blaze at first…

NC Ha Blaze 02

…then after some drinks from our bartender Blaze went airborne

Nc Ha boiling

The boiling scene…

NC Ha cage

…and some caged friend…

NC Ha candle


NC Ha Ceren

Ceren, our club manager and responsible for bat-infestation…

NC Ha Darius


Nc Ha Eaton and Tia

Tia and Eaton showed us you don’t need legs to dance, well not even a physical body!

NC Ha Electra

Electra had an admirer

Nc Ha Elspeth


NC Ha Fly

Fly, our barmaid

NC Ha flying pumpkin

…a flying suprise…

NC Ha flying witch

…the witch was too fast, too furious…

NC Ha Gabi


NC Ha gate

“Welcome” cackles a voice…

Nc Ha general

…Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble…

NC Ha goldengirls

The Golden Witches

NC Ha Harry

Harry, our club owner looking for a victim…

NC Ha Kalanite


NC Ha Lady and Callum

Lady and Callum in a perfect boney dance

NC Ha Liam


NC Ha Lina


NC Ha line dance

…after midnight Tia managed our limbs and bones to the music…

NC Ha Mariska


NC Ha Maxl

Maxl’s smile lightened up the place

NC Ha Michael

Michael was found too late

NC Ha Mike

Mike looking for some snacks…

Nc Ha Mirako


NC Ha Mirela

Mirela and her admirer

NC Ha MollyKate


NC Ha Morgan


NC Ha Niko

Niko does the spider-joga

Nc Ha Oster


Nc Ha Pj

Dj Pj rules by the pumpkin

Nc Ha Plokin

Plokin is teethy-spooky

NC Ha Regina


NC Ha Reneng

Reneng was a little bit stiff

NC Ha Satu


NC Ha sitting pumpkin

…halloween gas…

Nc Ha Sky


NC Ha Spacek


NC Ha stage

Skeleton band

NC Ha Valdez


NC Ha Ziga and Em

Emarald and Ziga arrived in a ghostly hour

NC Ha zzzz mode

After midnight we were still there looking for some drinks and snacks…

green line



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