Born In Chains

Born In Chains

I was born in chains
But I was taken out of egypt
I was bound to a burden
But the burden it was razed
Lord, I can no longer
Keep this secret
Blessed is the name
The name be praised

I fled to the edge
Of the majesty of sorrow
Her suit by the riders
Oh, the cruel and dark regime
But the waters parted
And my soul crossed over
Out of Egypt
Out of Pharaoh’s dream

Word of words
Immeasurable measure
Blessed is the name
The name be blessed
Written on my heart
In burning letters
That’s all I know
I cannot read the rest

I was idle against my soul
When I heard you could use me
I followed very closely
But my life remained the same
But then you showed me
What you had been moved
In every atom
Broken his name

I was alone on the road
And your love was so confusing
All my teachers told me
I had myself to blame
But in the grip of
Sensual illusion
A sweet unknowing
Unified the name


I’ve heard the soul unfolds
In the chambers of its longing
And the bitter liquor sweetens
In the hammer cup
And all the ladders of
Of the night of honor
Only darkness now
To lift the longing up



8 thoughts on “Born In Chains

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