African Theme Party

On the 22nd of August we hold a theme party inspired by the big continent, Africa. Anke, our dance queen, came up with this idea and Ceren, Harry, Fly and  Blaze built a complete new club for us. Dj Pj collected songs from all over Africa. Everyone has put on their best african dresses and we shaked our very pixely behind for the tunes of the drums.

Thank you all for being there.

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Please find below some pictures from Anke.

2 3

HarryAdelova4 Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (243, 63, 21) - M

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Please find below my pictures. Please note that this is only a selection of the pictures, a complete documentation of the party would require its own blog, not just a post.

NC Af Adel


NC Af Alyx

Alyx (one of our Light Jockey)

NC Af Anke

Anke, who suggested this theme and our dance queen

NC Af Ari

Arizona, deep in thoughts

NC Af Bahyra meets lion

Bahrya meets a lion

NC Af Bahyra


NC Af bar


Harry from the bar

NC Af Blaze

Blaze with her new friend

NC Af Cerenmonk

Mr. Monk

NC af Chimps

Monkey business

NC AF Christa


NC Af coconuts

Coconut attack

NC Af dance

Dancing crowd

NC Af dancingwomen

Arizona and the dancing crowd

NC Af Docmonk

Doc in monkey-form

NC Af Eaton

Eaton as king of the animals

NC Af Elu


NC Af Emily&Ren

Emily and Ren

NC Af Fly


NC Af gate

Lighted up the gate

NC Af giraffe

We had drunk giraffes too

NC Af golden girls

The golden girls (from left to right): Fly, Anke and Ceren

NC Af Gorilla

Gorilla guard

NC Af Harry

Harry the heroic beduin

NC Af hut

Looking out from the hut

NC Af lion meets Tia

Paparazzis got the romantic moment of Tia and her lionman

NC Af lionview

In hiding

NC Af Mandoc

Doc in human-form

NC Af Muck


NC Af Orny


NC Af Oster&chimp

Oster cuddling with her new friend

NC Af Osterincostum

…and later Oster in her african costum

NC Af parrot

from parrot-point-of-view the party rocked!

NC Af Pj

Dj Pj shaked it too

NC Af Ren

Ren chilling with his … perfectly legal (!) cigarette

NC Af Sky&Plokin

Sky and Plokin

NC Af through

through the welcome sign

NC Af Tia

Tia, being cute as a button!

NC Af torch

torch light in the setting desert sun

NC Af undergiraffe


NC Af Vulture

from vulture-point-of-view the party had lots of potentials

NC Af Ziga


~notes from Nikoletta~


Aquatica Theme Party

On the 1st of August we put on underwater garment and jumped into an underwater club what Harry built under the LCC dancefloor. Dj Pj played bubbly music for Anke’s beautiful dances. Thank you everyone for the fun!

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Please find here the pictures what Harry made:

underwater ari and DOC

Arizona and Dr

underwater ziga waiting


underwater adelova


underwater athan and Ginty

Athan and Ginty

underwater blaze

Blaze as merfolk

underwater blaze2

Blaze as human

underwater eaton


Eaton as usual

underwater eaton2

Eaton as you see him underwater

underwater from above

underwater gabi


underwater general

underwater GG with duck

Duckie with the golden girls

underwater golden girls

underwater harry


underwater John


underwater niko


underwater orny


underwater PJ

Dj Pj

underwater plokin


underwater rene


underwater steffi


underwater Tia


underwater WBW

underwater ziga and emerald

Ziga and Emarald


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Finally please find here osme of the photos that Niko made:

NC U above

NC U Adel


NC U Anke

Anke – as golden girl


NC U Ceren


Ceren – as golden girl






NC U Fly


Fly – as golden girl

NC U Arizona 01



NC U Blaze 01


NC U Corals

NC U dolphin NC U Eaton


Nc U gen

NC U Harr-Harr


NC U John NC U Octo NC U Ornella



Dj Pj – eeeeeeeeeek is that an octopus???

NC U Plo-Toe

Plokin’s green toes

NC U Ren


NC U sealife

NC U Tia and Plokin

Tia and Plokin

NC U Valdez


NC U Ziga

Ziga and Emarald lost in the currents