Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

On the 20th of June we celebrated Midsummer, the summer soltice. Dj Pj played the music, Anke made us dancing as real fairies and Ceren worked her magick with the lights. Harry, our club owner decorated the club where Fly, our barmaid made sure every pixel body got its drinks and Arizona hosted the event. Our staff as usual worked very hard for everybody’s fun!

Thanks for all of you who joined us.

Please find here some pictures taken by Anke and Fly:

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (235, 13, 21) - M Anke 02

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (235, 13, 21) - M Anke 03

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (235, 13, 21) - M Anke 04

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (235, 13, 21) - M Anke

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (242, 21, 22) - M Fly

Please find below my pictures about the evening:

NC MS alight

NC MS Anke

Anke, our dance manager

NC MS Arizona

Arizona, our hostess

NC MS asign

NC MS beau light

NC MS birdeye

NC MS Blaze


NC MS Carlos

Carlos (at right)

NC MS Ceren


NC MS Daisy

Daisy, the aligator queen

NC MS dancing crowd

(from left to right) Niko, Anke and Fly


Dr, as angelic as ever. Thank you for giving angel wings to all of us!

NC MS Eaton

Dj Eaton, as “so I’m being an adventorous fairy raider scientist researcehr thingy”

NC MS Emarald


NC MS flowers


Fly, tending the bar

NC MS gen

NC MS Gulf&Adele

Adele and Gulfwind

NC MS Harry

Harry, our clubowner

NC MS Lady&Steffi


NC MS latenight

NC MS Liam&Freya


NC MS lights


MayO, owner of the sim

NC MS Mirako


NC MS more lights

NC MS Niko


NC MS Nizes

Nizes, daughter of Fly

NC MS Papa

Papa at the bar


Dj Pj as the musical Puck

NC MS purple night

NC MS Reneng

Reneng with angel wings

NC MS Sijora & somebody

Sijora is dancing with her friend


Tia in her North Sea outfit

NC MS Wendy


NC MS Ziga

Zigadena as a lovely flower fairy

~Notes from Nikoletta~



Football Party

On the 15th of June we had a party to celebrate the Football Worldcup 2014 which began that week. Dj Eaton and DJ PJ played the music of the 32 participating country. Harry, our club owner made sure we feel in Brazil, at Copacabana. Ceren made beautiful lights for the party. Anke made our pixelbody move smoothly to the tunes.

NC F ball

…the official ball at the center…

NC F Ceren

…Ceren supportingĀ  Nederland…

NC F eaton

…Dj Eaton in the colors of Equador…

NC F Freya

…easy to see which team has the support of Freya…

NC F gen

…dancing to the rythmes…

NC F Harry

Harry following the match from the bench…

NC F Niko

Niko in the colors of Uruguay, xho played the match during the time of the party against…


…Costa Rica! DJ Pj danced in their colors…

NC F Reneng

Reneng as well supporting Nederland…

NC F Tia

Tia was in a cute dress, showing support for England…

NC F Ziga&Em

Ziga was in a traditional costume for Nederland, dancing with Emarald…


~notes from Nikoletta~

Spontaneous Pool Party

Yesterday Dj Pj made a record streaming of more than 13 hour. Harry, our club owner made sure we have a cool pool on the hot summer day to enjoy Dj PJ’s music.

Anke made sure we dance like professionals.

The pictures were taken by Fly, Harry and me.

~notes from Nikoletta~

NC P Anke

Anke, our dance manager

NC P Ari

Arizona’s dance

NC P bar

NC P Blaze

Blaze on the water

NC P dance

NC P Fly mer

Fly; our bar-mermaid

NC P Freya and Liam

Freya and Liam looking for the beach ball…

NC P gen

…through water…

NC P mermaid

our new lovely fontain

NC P Morgan

Morgan among swans

NC P night

night scene

NC P Niko 02

DJ Pj caught Ariel!

NC P Ren

Ren in serious discussion with Harry

NC P Roy

Roy is sunbathing

NC P Swan


NC P through water

…under a mermaid…

NC P twin mer

Mermaid twins

NC P under

Underwater view

NC P Valdez and Satu

Valdez and Satu

NC Swan and Fly

Fly’s new boat

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (235, 11, 21) - M

a picture taken by Fly!

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (241, 16, 21) - M

and a picture taken by Harry about Fly

Harry’s Birthday Party

Our dear club owner had recently his birthday. Ceren, Anke and Fly came up a wonderful idea for his party.

Ceren provided the lightshow.

The pictures were made by Anke, Reneng and me.

Long live Harry the most wonderful club owner of all!

~notes from Nikoletta~

8 juni 14_003 A

Ceren, Anke and Fly

aardbeien meisjessssssss _ The Leonard Cohen Club,

Harry'd Birthday 2014 The Leonard Cohen Club, A






Harry, our club owner