7 years of LCC anniversary party

This year the club became 7 years old. We celebrated it on the 10th of May. All of our regular dj’s played during this event and we even had a surprise by Ceren, Anke and Fly. Thank you all for the wonderful evening.


NC 7 Anke&Ceren&Fly

The surprise by Anke, Fly and Ceren

NC 7 Anke

Anke, our dance manager

NC 7 Arizona


NC 7 bar view

…let’s start the party!

NC 7 Blaze


NC 7 Ceren

Ceren, our club manager

NC 7 Cosimo


NC 7 Crystalina


NC 7 DJ Eaton

DJ Eaton

NC 7 DJ Eugene

DJ Eugene

NC 7 DJ Mike

DJ Mike

NC 7 DJ Poppy and Podreg

DJ Poppy and Podreg

NC 7 Dr and Arizona

Dr and Arizona

NC 7 Flapper girls

…who wants champagne?

NC 7 Fly

Fly, our barmaid

NC 7 Freya&Liam

Freya and Liam

NC 7 gate

…we had lovely firework too…

NC 7 Kalie


NC 7 Lady&Callum

Lady and Callum

NC 7 list

…the big list of LCC…

NC 7 Lore&Harry

our club owners, Lore and Harry

NC 7 MayO

the sim owner  May O

NC 7 Mirako


NC 7 Morgan


NC 7 Niko& DJ PJ

Niko and DJ PJ

NC 7 Papa&Declan

Papa and Declan

NC 7 Polmac


NC 7 Reneng


NC 7 sign

…beautiful decoration everywhere!

NC 7 Sijora


NC 7 Sky


NC 7 Steffi


NC 7 Sword


NC 7 the staff

…the staff: Anke, Fly, Ceren, DJ PJ and Harry…

NC 7 Valdez&Satu

Valdez and Satu

NC 7 Ziga&Emarald

Ziga and Emarald


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