Celluloid Heroes Theme Party

On the 1st of May we had a movie soundtrack party, baptised by Ceren into “Celluloid Heroes Party”. The decoration was done by Harry and Ceren, the dances was provided by Anke and the wonderful music was played by DJ Eaton and DJ Pj. Fly, our barmaid, made sure we have drinks enough.

~notes from Nikoletta~

NC CH Anke re


NC CH Ari re


NC CH Batkiss

Batman’s romantic moment with Tia&Eaton

NC CH Blaze


NC CH Ceren


NC CH club

Decoration by Harry and Ceren

NC CH dancing

…the dancing crowd…

NC CH Eaton batballet

Bat-ballet featuring Eaton

NC CH Eaton

The Embarassed Bat by Dj Eaton

NC CH floor

…dancing on Mr. Bond…

NC CH Fly re

Fly, our barmaid

NC CH Freya in the rain

Tia is dacing in the rain…

NC CH Freya

…and without the rain too!

NC CH gate view

just like an Oscar night…

NC CH Hepburn plus cowboy re

…where Hepburn (Niko) meets her cowboy (Dj Pj)

NC CH in the air


…not just our spirits were lifted..


NC CH Ladybug

Ladybug and Steffi

NC CH Liam

Mr. Bond drank his coffee shaken not stirred (Liam)

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (241, 16, 21) - M

Thank you Arizona for this secret close-up about our very secret agent!

NC CH Mirako


NC CH music wall

…the club was wonderful…


Dj Pj

NC CH sign

…another example of our club staff’s creativity…



NC CH Steffi


NC CH notes


…movie notes…

NC CH view

and see you all again for another special night in LCC…




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