LCC attacked by bunnies

It happened on last Saturday on the 19th April. Our yearly bunny madness. We were half expecting Easter but then a couple of us started to sprout bunny ears. Then BANG! bunnies everwhere. Plus a fox.

NC Anke bunnya


NC Anke bunny wreath

…her bunny in the wreath…

NC Arizona bunny


NC Arizonas mini bunny

…and her little friend..

NC bar bunny


Fly and Harry with the bunny

NC Blaze bunnya



NC bunnies around a bunny

…bunnies everywhere!

NC bunnies dancing

..drunk bunnies..

NC bunny birth

…biological lesson…

NC bunny in grass

..bunny sits in the grass….

NC Eaton bunny


NC Freya and Liam bunny


NC from bunny view

…dancing bunnies!

NC full of bunnies

..spotted more bunnies…

NC Harry bunny

Harry wanted to shoot some bunnies

NC hopping bunny

hopping bunny

NC Mike bunny

Mike and his chocolate egg

NC Niko bunny

Niko as pink bunny…

NC Niko choco bunny

…then as choco bunny (courtesy of Papa xxxxx)

NC Niko mini bunnies

Niko’s evil bunny!

NC Liam bunny

Liam and Papa

NC omg so many bunnies

…bunnies from far away

NC Ornella mini bunny

Ornella and her bunny

NC Pj bunny

Pj as the sweetest bunnyboy

NC Polmac fox

Polmac as a fox… he was interested in bunnies!

NC Tia bunny


NC Totem bunny

the Bunny King from choco

NC Zig&Em bunnies

Ziga and Emarald from bunny’s eye view