Relay for Life in LCC

In this year again the Leonard Cohen Club is participating in the Relay for Life. The club has already set up the RFL kiosk and we will have a couple of special events to raise even more money for this special charity organization. The LCC works together with the Beau Belle sim so please check out the calendar for the upcoming events as well.

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We have two major events for RFL.

The first was a fashion show in LCC on the 24th of May at 1 PM SLT.

RFL-LCC-Fashion Show resized

The second is a RFL Festival party.

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We hosted a fashion show with all the profit going to the RFL. Our generous designers are in no specific order:

cero-style_bewerkt-1 Cero Style with the designer Osterhase Yellowjacket

logo ZE design voor vendor pics kopiera small ZE design with the designers 

1 Flowerdreams with the designer Nile Karas

TheBohemianUndergroundlogo The Bohemian Underground with the designer Bagheera Kristan

ND MD shop logo STAR Square XS ND/MD skins and shapes with the designer Alea Lamont

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~notes from Nikoletta~