Spontaneous Fire Party

It all started on the dark and cold night of 24th January. Our dance manager Anke moved our pixely body for the wonderful tunes of Dj Pj. Then suddenly fire fans came into the grand scheme of our small part of the Metaverse! Harry, our club owner and DJ Pj was immediately inspired. Suddenly the whole club went into flames with the help of the fireproof decoration of Harry, the burning music of Dj Pj and the fiery dances of Anke…

~notes from Nikoletta~

stage- M

…the Lord of the Underworld would have been jealous of our interieur designer Harry…

NC - PJ made it 06

…enthusiasts cohenites…

harry02- M

Anke, our dance manager

NC - PJ made it 01

…Dj Pj found tunes with “fire”for hours…

anke - M

…”Come on baby, light my fire”…

anke5 - M

Anke and Harry

fire - M

…”I’m on fire” …

eaton- M

Eaton, one of our talented dj

NC - PJ made it 03

… “Great balls of fire”…

ceren- M

Ceren, our club manager

arizona - M


PJ and niko - M

Dj Pj with a suspicious choco-girl

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (233, 15, 21) - M

… “Fire” …

NC - PJ made it 04

Ziga and Emarald

tia - M


NC - PJ made it 07

… “Who by Fire!” …

wendy  and  dally M

Wendy and Dally

The Leonard Cohen Club Who by Fire 4 Beau Belle222, 25, 21) - M

…this wonderful view from the sea was made by Xtc…

The Leonard Cohen Club Who by Fire Beau Belle (222, 25, 21) - M

“Who by Fire” by Xtc

The Leonard Cohen Club 4 Beau Belle (222, 25, 21) - M

Bird’s-eye view by Xtc

Huge thanks for Xtc, Harry and Pj for all the wonderful snapshots.


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