Paparazzi pics

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eaton foot2_001

eaton foot_001Eaton / iron man –  Best wishes man!





LCC staff at work! – gearing up for the African Party – Niko lazying around while Pj, Ceren and Fly is building the scene

blaze_001 re

Blaze, our new drummer in LCC

oster punk

Oster in her new punk style – ready to train Harry!


Arizona in all her heavenly dress – our new LCC goddess!


Blaze caught in LCC

fly_001 re

Our barmaid found a new shaker!

choco carrrrrr

Choco car sent to Niko in emergency- picture from Harry

golden girls02 from Harry
Golden girls of LCC in action again!

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (242, 21, 22) - M Fly 03

Dj Pj supporting Nederland during the worldcup


Waving flags for Ghana and Camerun!

Snapshot_038 re

Tia’s awesome shoes!

Snapshot_036 re

Balloon attack in LCC!

NC Cantaisback

We missed very much our Canta from the club but now she is back again :)

Snapshot_011for blog

Anke worked her dancing magick again!


Arizona went AFK and our club owner wanted to protect her lonely avatar…


Papa’s gypsy caravan


Roy, our club mascot and Morgan’s faithful companion


Xtc spotted in LCC

Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (241, 19, 21) - M02 Snapshot _ The Leonard Cohen Club, Beau Belle (241, 19, 21) - M boy band

Our Boy Band (from left to right): Eaton, Plokin, Harry and Pj (Anke manages them at the right side)

NC BD Freya

We celebrated Freya!

NC dancing Harry

Harry, our ever-oh-so-serious club owner

NC dancing Harry&Freya

…and Freya…

NC dancing Harry&Freya&Tia

…and Tia, who made us be the perfect dancers in our pixel world.


Women power within LCC staff! Ceren, Fly, Anke

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Our dear club owner Harry had some interesting ideas for a new decoration in the club :)

Here are the results! ~notes from Nikoletta~

NC Harry made a new deco 04 NC Harry made a new deco 03 NC Harry made a new deco 02 NC Harry made a new deco 01 green line Niko Choco_001 copy

Niko the choccoo

terry april 13_001

TerryLynn Melody in da  club…..


Captain Morgan is  riding the LCC flag  ship…


Clowns in the  club… Oster, Area, Niko, Rustam, Ceren, Anke and  some  normals  too…..

dance on the bar_001

Sim owner and  club staff  dancing on the  bar and  Leonard watches..


Balett show in the  club…(Ceren, Area, Oster, Plokin –  PJ is looking for his tutu)


and the huge crowd…

pearl03_001 Pearly  vistied  the  club after  so long  time….wb sunshine!


Working staff in the  late  late  night…

PJ shorty_001

PJ, the  bunny boy..

. ren is back_001

Ren is  back from his  long long journey!

tia dances_001

Tia the  leading dancer… and  Eaton  rocking…

niko waiting for PJ Miracle_001 Niko waiting for miracle PJ…

care on the bar_001

Carelyna on the bar, orange  juice  dance…

romanian girls_001

Zen  between 2  romanian girls (Papa and Cella)…

happy womensday EAtondress_001

Eatons  solidarity  (8 March  celebrations…)

canta back_001

Canta  is  back after  long  time…

zig dress_001 Ziga  with a  new ZE creation…

papa cool_001

Papa on the  cool  ball…

niko tiny_001

Tiny  Niko…


Freya seen in  the LCC  lately (nice  dress)…

oster iskelet_001

Oster and another patient man…


Ornnella Flor says: March 1, 2013 at 5:17 pm (Edit) Oster,Interesting partner dancer Amazing body! Slim Fast?

ornella paparazzi_001

Ornella and Paparazzis in LCC


…nominated for an Oscar for her role in ‘The Cohen Club Misteries’ we will know the result on sunday evening…

Beau Belle


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Since May 2009-today

Following the closure of Hallelujah Blue, the LCC found its new home on Beau Belle thanks to Teesa and Blue. Harry Cannned and the lovely Lore Lamont began the partnership of running the LCC on this beautiful sim together. Later Mayo and Kelly joined as co-owners of the sim, and the LCC and Beau Belle continue to this day working hand in hand on supporting each other in all the ups and downs of running a sim and operating a much loved venue.

If you need a  house to  rent on  this sim and  live  with other cohenites
please contact to: May O. Mingzi (mayomingzi) or Kelly Cross (kellycrosscd).

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>>> 2007 Strawberry

>>> 2008 Peachez

>>> Hallelujah Blue


Beautiful Losers Gallery

Please find below the pictures of our precious club members. If you would like to see more about them please visit the LCC Gallery page and the  Paparazzi pics.

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Club management

lore and harry02
Lore and Harry… owners

ceren-LCC-guitar             ceren cat_001                NC Mask Ceren
Cerenaika                     and Lenny the  cat… managers         at the carnival
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and  the  familiar faces:

aergia Aergia aergia book_001 the book…

adelova_002 Adelova

aiden_001_001 Aiden aiden book_001 another book…

albert Albert

anke new Anke   NC Mask Anke carnival edition

alyx Alyx

angela Angela
annis_001 Anni

anouk Anouk

area2_001 Areadne area3_001 with her  new look…

arizona_001 Arizona  NC Mask Arizona in venitian disguise

arzu Arzu

auggie Auggie

bibs_001 Bibs

NC Mask Blaze Blaze spotted in the carnival!

calvin Calvin

canta Canta

carelyna Carelyna

cella Cella

Coolz0r CoolzOr

dora_k Dora NC Mask Dora as seen at the carnival

Dr_001 DrHouse12  NC Mask Dr at the carnival party!

eaton Eaton NC Mask Eaton as a venetian cat-man

edan_001 EdanRose

electra_001 Electra electra2_001 her  new cap…

emerald Emarald

worrior Embercinders

eugene Eugene

eros Eros+  18 Dec 2011 /Rest in peace silent friend!

feno_001 Fenomen

fly Fly NC Mask Fly the beauty of the carnival

freya_001 Freya NC Mask Freya in festive elegance

fritha_001 Fritha

fugi Fugi

icant_001 Icantexp

jana Jana NC Mask Jana the black rose of the carnival

janis2_001 Janis


jack Jack

jonjo Jonjo+  3 july 2012 /Rest in Peace Jonnyboy!

jordio Jordio

julynn Julynn

karma 23 oct 2012 Karma


latika Latika

lev Lev

liam Liam NC Mask Liam with discret decorations

loly Loly

luna_001 Luna

lutz Lutz

may May

MayO Mayo

maria Maria

NC Mask Maxl Maxl masked in the carnival

mike Mike mike2_001 our  DJ…

mirako_001 Mirako

NC Mask Mirella Mirella with classical elegance at the carnival

morgan Morgan NC Mask Morgan shining beauty behind the mask

newer_001 Newer

niko Niko niko and PJ on #4_001 with PJ on slow #4…  NC Mask Niko in the carnival

npng npng

oster in LCC NOv 2012) Oster

ornella Ornella ornella earrings_001 and  her  earrings ( Hey  not the lips  guys!)

Papa ian 2013 Papa

pearl Pearl

PJ our DJ, PJ pjshoes PK green shoes_001        NC Mask PJ the masked PJ

plokin Plokin

polmac, Polmac NC Mask Pol with a new color!

ren Reneng

rhys_001 Rhys

rominew_001 Romi

sarvegu_002 Sarvegu

satu Satu

sea_001 Sea

simonique_001 Simonique

soante Soante

soft Soft

socky_001 Sockeye+  8 September 2013 /Rest in peace Socky!

spin Spin

steffi02_001 Steffi

sword Sword

taskin128 Taskin

teddy_001 Teddy

teesa Teesa

tia Tia NC Mask Tia spotted in mask!

valdez close up 1 Valdez

yru_001 Yru

zen_001 Zen

ziga Ziga


We have two wonderful light artists in LCC. LJ Alyx performs every second Thursday with DJ PJ. LJ Ceren performs for special events and parties with DJ PJ. Please find below some pictures featuring the work of the two artists and here is  the music of the lightshow at the 24th of May in 2014.


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Lights and Tunes performed by LJ Ceren and DJ PJ The Lightshow of 15 February in 2014: NC C lights 01 NC C lights 02 NC C lights 03 NC C lights 04 NC C lights 05 NC C lights 06 NC C lights 07 NC C lights 08 NC C lights 09 NC C lights 10 NC C lights 11 NC C lights 12 green line

Lights and Tunes performed by LJ Alyx and DJ PJ (please check the event calendar for the upcoming shows)

The Lightshow of 13 February in 2014:

NC Lightshow 15 NC Lightshow 14 NC Lightshow 13 NC Lightshow 12 NC Lightshow 11 NC Lightshow 10 NC Lightshow 09 NC Lightshow 08 NC Lightshow 07 Mike NC Lightshow 06 Anke NC Lightshow 05 NC Lightshow 03 Alyx&Event NC Lightshow 04 NC Lightshow 02 Fly NC Lightshow 01 green line

Lights and Tunes performed by LJ Alyx and DJ Calvin . Blosers, club 05 club 04 club 03 club03 club02 club 20 club 18 club 17 club 16 club 15 club 14 club 13 club 12 club 10 club 09 club 08 club 07 club 06