Welcome beautiful  Losers!

At last  we have another platform to  communicate besides inworld.

It`s  so precious  to  share Leonard Cohens music  and  words with you all.

Thanks  for keeping the Club alive!


your LCC-Team


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This club…. it’s been part of my SL life for at least 6 years if not more… Just recently able to spend more time there… Awesome staff and friends. Thank you for your warm welcome always!

  2. Hi!
    Happy to see the new blog but sadly it seeems to have gone unnoticed since March?
    I have a trivia question for all you loosers, something I’ve been wondering for a while.
    Who is Jane? (from the Famous Blue Raincoat song)…
    Congratulations to the LCC staff and especially Harry!
    Group Hug

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